No te pierdas el video interactivo de 'October' de Broken Bells

Broken Bells han lanzado en su web oficial un video interactivo para «October«, single de su álbum debut homónimo (os recordamos que su primer single fue «High Road«). El video fue idea de Brian Burton (más conocido como Danger Mouse), quien se unió al desarrollador flash Richard Lehmann y al ilustrador Matthew Hollister para dar a luz al proyecto.

Como podréis ver, la interactividad del clip se basa en el poder navegar en un extraño universo repleto de ecuaciones matemáticas, formas geométricas e imagenes que aparecen sin ningún orden aparente. Además, tras ver e interactuar con el video, podréis guardar vuestra propia versión y compartirla con quien querais.

Así pues, ¿a qué esperas para ser parte del nuevo video de Broken Bells? Simplemente, entra aquí:

Broken Bells – October lyric/letra

So you showed me around your town
To hell again and back
I love the certain way that
You made all the friends that you depend on

I know it might seem odd
Because your not the only one
I remember my self as a lonely child
So I was
And you`ve got me wrong
You`ve got me wrong

(Wrong just seems so right
‘til the spark of morning light
and all those searching eyes,
do they scald your tender mind?)

Remember what they say
There`s no shortcut to a dream
It`s all blood and sweat
And life is what you manage in between

But what you don`t know
Is you`re too young and eager to love
Deceiving eyes
So you`re about to get into
The ditch that you opened up

(Wrong just seems so right
‘til the spark of morning light
and all those searching eyes,
do they scald your tender mind?)

So the stars align
and leave you behind
You want it sewn up
I come by light of an autumn moon

Sister you know enough
But for now just let it go
Don`t run, don`t rush
Just flow

Through the give and take you had to learn
How to cross the coals and not get burned
But you`re really just a little girl
Playing in the park until the sun goes down

Sometime you want to rise
One did it’s our desire
No doubt you think you braided your own hair
So you’re all grown up

Should you want to cross the line
Which way do you want to fly?
Pretend that love could help you find your way
But you’ve got me wrong
Yeah you’ve got me wrong

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